Weekly Fact-checks: Photos of Japanese past disaster circulating as currently happening in China

(ISSUED ON September 04, 2020)

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Fact-checks at a glance

① BOOM | India (2020/08/28)

Fabrication: 2011 Video of tsunami in Japan passed off as in China

Explanation: A video and the screenshot of recent flooding in China was actually that of the aftermath of the tsunami which hit Ishinomaki, Japan in March, 2011, and not in China.

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② InFact | Japan (2020/08/28)

False: Japan strictly restricts the entry of black people

Explanation: On a Chinese video-sharing site Bilibili (哔哩哔哩), one person claimed that Japan has stricter entry conditions for blacks people than other countries. However, the required documents for the application of resident status do not include questions or require documents about race. Furthermore the ”Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act”, which sets out the conditions of entry for overseas nationals, does not state that entry conditions differ by race.

Read the full article here.

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