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(ISSUED ON JULY 31, 2020)

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Fact-checks at a glance

We picked up the following fact-checks relating to Japan from overseas media.

  1. Leads stories | the U.S. (July 27, 2020)

False: Dallas M.D. insisted that ‘There already is a cure for Covid-19’

Explanation: The Dallas medical doctor claimed that a cure for the Covid-19 already exists, based on relatively low deaths in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Iceland. He said that the drug is for asthma. While it is true that these countries have lower deaths, at least compared to the U.S. the number of confirmed cases is also relatively low, and the mortality rate of infected people in these countries is not much different than in the U.S. Therefore, this is not evidence that a cure exists. Read the full article here (English).

Check out the IFCN’s #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance database of 5,000+ fact-checks from more than 70 countries on the novel coronavirus. Other themes of factcheck can be found on each organization’s website.

Announcements & News

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