Weekly Fact-checks: Convenient calculations in national GDP growth rates lead to faulty comparisons

(ISSUED ON September 11, 2020)

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Fact-checks at a glance

① Newschecker.in | India (2020/09/08)

Misleading: The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Canada, Japan, and the United States contracts more than India.

Explanation: A viral tweet claiming that the GDP of Canada, Japan, and the United States contracted more than that of India in the April – June quarter was found to be misleading due to its faulty comparison of countries using different methods of calculating GDP growth, especially in India and the US.

Read the full article here.

② Taiwan FactCheck Center | Taiwan (2020/09/07)

False: Xi Jinping’s daughter performed a song at Harvard’s commencement.

Explanation: A viral video purportedly showing Xi Mingze, the daughter of the Chinese President Xi, singing at a commencement ceremony at  Harvard University during her time there from 2012 to 2014 turns out to be a clip of a Japanese singer, Nishida Hikaru, singing on a TV show.

Read the full article here (in Mandarin).

③ InFact | Japan (2020/09/06)

Fabrication: Taiwan’s air defense system shot down a Chinese fighter jet

Explanation: A viral twitter post reporting that Taiwan’s Air Force system shot down a Chinese fighter jet shot while the pilot escaped safely was denied outright by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence. Media close to the Chinese government also later covered the denials.

Read the full article here (in Japanese).

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