Japan-related information resource

Here below are useful information resources in English regarding the COVID-19 situation in Japan.
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(Last Update: April 25, 2020)

Japan’s COVID-19 Situation

  • ☑️ Statistical Data by Prime Minster’s Cabinet

  • ☑️ Statistical Data in Tokyo by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • ☑️ Mapping Data by MHLW (The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan)

  • ☑️ Graphical Data by Toyo Keizai Online

    • ーToyo Keizai, a well-respected magazine in Japan, has a page visually illustrating the COVID-19 situation in Japan with computer graphics. 
  • ☑️ Graphical Data by The Mainichi

Japan’s Government Official Information


News coverages

  • ☑️ NHK

    • ーNHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, provides up-to-date English news on a wide vareity of topics including the COVID-19 situation in Japan.
  • ☑️ Kyodo News

  • ☑️ Nippon.com

    • Nippon.com provides daily Japan-related news about COVID-19 in multiple languages including English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional characters), French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian. Nippon.com is one of media partners of FIJ.
  • ☑️ Japan Times