The Launch of our Special COVID-19 English website

FactCheck Initiative Japan (FIJ) has been cooperating with other international projects to fight the massive spread of unreliable information surrounding the novel coronavirus epidemic. 

Not only have we strengthened our support with our existing domestic Japanese media partners, we are also reaching out to cooperate internationally with various overseas fact-checking organizations to support local and overseas investigations, and help with the translation of overseas information. 

The Special COVID-19 Japanese website was launched in the beginning of February this year, and has provided database of fact-checks published both in Japan and abroad. In addition to this, we are also adding a Special COVID-19 English site, where we will collect and offer fact-checked information about Japan to as many people as we can. We hope this can be of use to everyone. 

We plan to continue this project through at least August and hope you will continue to support us in our endeavor. More information about this project is here.

FIJ’s mission is to boost our fact-checks in order to increase the amount of verified information available to people so they are less likely to be led astray by misinformation and disinformation. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this project.